The projects are all at present available for the following types: Master Thesis (MA), Bachelor Thesis (BA) and Semester Project (SA). The projects are supposed to be carried out at the Robotics and Multiperception Lab of ECE and CSE departments at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The facilities in the lab will provide premier environment for your research, experiments and technique supports. Please contact LIU Ming for details. Further projects in related directions (e.g. Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Navigation system, Mobile robotics, Multi Robot System, GPGPU computing…) can be set up JUST FOR YOU, up on request. If you are not in Hong Kong, grants to cover your return flight to Hong Kong and accommondation are forseeable.

Current Projects List

ECE-05 Data and service retrieval for Internet of Robots

Low-equipped network nodes will retrieval data and service from cloud resources, such as a big-data database of sensory data. The students need to deal with the hardware system setup, network connectivity and basic strategy for data/service retrieval

ECE-06 Visible light communication-based low-cost indoor precise localization

It is a low-cost solutions to indoor personal localization. We use LED lights as beacons to guide indoor localization and navigation. The students need to work with a prototype system and establish the next generation of VLC-based localization system.

ECE-07 Object recognition and manipulation by a dual-arm robotic platform

The students will work on Baxter robot and with MoveIT ROS library. Deep-learning libraries will be provided for learning of the control of the arm and object recognition. The students need to work on system integration as well as algorithm study.

ECE-08 Extrinsic calibration of cameras and laser range finders for outdoor SLAM

Extrinsic calibration between cameras and Lidar is essential for outdoor navigation tasks, such as autonomous driving. The students will work on this topic by using Velodyne 16-line laser range finder sensor and multiple cameras.

ECE-09 Semi-autonomous mobile robot control by Leap gesture sensor

Leap sensor is a low-cost gesture sensor. The students are required to design a semi-autonomous driving system by taking gesture inputs. During the movement of the robots, obstacle avoidance (and possible terrain adaptation, depending on how far the project can go) needs to be taken care of automatically. It will further aid the operation of wheel chair or cars.

Other available projects initialized at HKUST

The list of projects from my previous group are still available. They are mainly about mobile robots, SLAM, cloud robotics, etc. Please have a look.