News of Robotics and Multiperception Lab


  • 09.2017 Ming will server IEEE IROS 2019 as organization committee member.

  • 09.2017 Ming starts serving CONICYT (Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica, Chile) as engineering panel reviewer.

  • 09.2017 Ming will serve IEEE ICRA 2018 as Associate Editor.

  • 09.2017 Ming starts to serve Robotics and Automation Letter (RA-L) as Associate Editor.

  • 08.2017 Ming presented “How Robot Learns” for IEEE Transmitter as representative of China area.

  • 08.2017 Ming will serve 2017 AAAS Science - Robotics International Alliance Conference, as Program Chair

  • 08.2017 Ming will serve 2019 IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications (CCTA 2019) as local arrangement co-chair.

  • 08.2017 Welcome new PhD students: Yun Peng, Jiao Jianhao, Yu Yang

  • 08.2017 Welcome internship students, Liu Aoming

  • 08.2017 Welcome new project research assistant, Liu Tianyu

  • 07.2017 Our paper Point-cloud Compression Using Data Independent Method - A 3D Discrete Cosine Transform Approach got the Best Paper in Automation Award of IEEE-ICIA 2017.

  • 07.2017 Welcome internship students, Shayan Nazemi

  • 07.2017 Welcome lab secretary, Lu Sujie

  • 07.2017 We successfully hold the ICVS 2017 in Shenzhen, China, 9-12 July. Overall, there were 18 technical sessions including three plenary and keynote talks by Prof. Roland Siegwart, Prof. Hesheng Wang and Prof. Yongchun Fang. Over 85 participants enjoyed the three-day event with us. Thanks a lot for your great support and kind help!

The selected papers from ICVS will be published by Lecture Notes in Computer Science, LNCS, Springer later this year.

ICVS 2017

Thymio Workshop

  • 12.2016 Welcome PhD student Ms. Yuying Chen to join us!

  • 12.2016 Ming will serve IEEE CYBER 2017 as regional Program Chair, in the USA.

  • 12.2016 Ming will serve IEEE MFI 2017 as Co-Chair for publicity, in Korea.

  • 10.2016 From 29.10.2016 to 06.11.2016, we participate InnoCarvinal at HKSTP with the project “B-free in City” (Cybathlon) and “IntoRobot Platform”. innocarvinal

  • 10.2016 We won the 3rd Prize in 6th Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award with partners. Link

  • 10.2016 Ming participated HCR 2016 in Shanghai and gave keynote talk, China. HCR2016

  • 10.2016 We participated IROS 2016 in Daejon, Republic of Korea. iros20161 left to right: Lei, Ming iros20162 Lei presented our paper about deep learning in robotics PDF and our recent work on deep reinforcement learning (arXiv:1610.01733v1).

  • 10. 2016 We represent CityU, cooperating with B-Free company, to take part in the Powered Wheelchair Race of Cybathlon Competition in Zurich, Switzerland organized by ETH. Our team, B-Free in City, safely completed all tasks with full-marks and 358s in the final race and ranked first in B-Final and 5th in all teams(12). Cybathlon

  • 10. 2016 We participated the tea gathering of MBE Department. Lei presented a poster to new PhD. students and staffs of MBE. tea gathering

  • 10. 2016 Welcome Research Assistant Giuseppe Paolo from ETH.

  • 09. 2016 Lei and Qinghai join the Cognitive Context Reasoning for Computer Vision (CCRCV 2016) with teamates from CUHK and Baidu. Our team cityblaze now ranks No. 18 in the preliminary round. bot

  • 09. 2016 Ming serves the ICRA 2017 as Associate Editor.

  • 09. 2016 Welcome PhD student Usman Maqbool Bhutta from Pakistan who won the shahbaz sharif merit scholarship and more than 15 news in Pakistan reported this. usman

  • 09. 2016 Welcome PhD student Haoyang Ye from Zhejiang University.

  • 08. 2016 Welcome PhD student Qing Liang from Beihang University.

  • 08. 2016 Welcome Research Assistant Junli Wang from City University of Hong Kong.

  • 06.2016 Summer retreat on sea: Group on sea 2016

  • 06.2016 Ming serves the Program Committee of RSS 2016, June 18-22, 2016

  • 06.2016 We participated the “Discovery and Innovation Gala 2016 of CSE CityU” GALA

  • 08. 2016 Welcome Research Assistant Lionel Trebuchon from ETH.

  • 06.2016 Our paper on Visible Light Communication-based localization is accepted by IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine (RAM). Congratulations!

  • 06.2016 The 2016 IEEE International Conference on Real-time Computing and Robotics (IEEE RCAR 2016) concluded succesfully in Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Thanks a lot for all the help and support we received over the past year!

RCAR_1 left to right: Dr. XIA Zeyang, Ming, Prof. WANG Hesheng, Dr. CHEN Haoyao
RCAR_2 left to right: Ming, Prof. François Chaumette, Qinghai, Lei

  • 03.2016 Lab group photo Group Photo left to right: (msc student)TAN Qionghui, (PhD)LIAO Qinghai,(Dr)LIU Ming,(Exchange Master Student)Jonas Eichenberger,(PhD)TAI Lei
  • 01.2016 Ming will serve as Associate Editor for IROS 2016 for the first time.
  • 01.2016 Welcome new robot member – Baxter Dual Arm Robot. :)


  • 01.2016 We are finally move to our new lab place.

  • End.2015 May each and every day of yours be renewed with lots of happiness and love. Happy new year 2016!

    “Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” ― Brad Paisley

  • 12.2015 Ming participated ROBIO 2015 in Zhuhai. We won Finalist for Best Student Paper Award.

  • 11.2015 Ming participated the congregation at HKUST with former lab graduates: Yangang, Kejie and Guoyang. HKUST congregation

  • 11.2015 We released the calibration toolbox for omnidirectional camera, please visit GitHub for detail.

  • 11.2015 Welcome Research Assistant Sun Jinhong. She will be working on IoT and mobile robot.

  • 10.2015 Welcome exchange Master student Jonas Eichenberger from ETH Zurich. He will be working on visual navigation for the whole semester.

  • 09.2015 Ming Liu participated IROS 2015, Hamburg.

  • 09.2015 Autumn lab retreat to sailing!
    Sailing Route Path Group on sea

  • 09. 2015 We have submitted four papers for ICRA 2016, with collaborators from EPFL, ETH, CUHK and HIT.

  • 09. 2015 Welcome PhD student Qinghai Liao!

  • 09. 2015 Welcome PhD student Lei Tai!

  • 08. 2015 Ming Liu starts a new job as an Assistant Professor at MBE of City University of Hong Kong

  • 08. 2015 Ming will be the Program Chair for the IEEE Conference on Real-time Computing and Robotics (RCAR)

  • 08. 2015 Guoyang Xie is graduated as MPhi., with thesis “Semantic mapping based localization for autonomous driving”. Congratulations!

  • 07. 2015 Kejie Qiu is graduated as MPhi., with thesis “Visible light communication-based indoor localization and path-planning system”. Congratulations!

  • 06. 2015 We have won the Best Conference Paper Award at IEEE-CYBER, Shenyang! Congratulations!

  • 03. 2015 We released deep-learning library for scene labelling and object recognition in real-time, at LinkYou can refer to our paper from RCAR: : Shaohua Li, Huimin Huang, Yue Zhang, Ming Liu, A Fast Multi-scale Convolutional Neural Network for Object Recognition, Invited Paper for the 2015 International Conference on Real-time Computing and Robotics (RCAR 2015), Finalist for Best Student Paper Award, June 23-26, 2015, Changsha, China

  • 09. 2013: Ming will start a new job as a visiting Assistant Professor at ECE of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Group Photo by 2013: Group 2013

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